KIME – “Synchronized concentration”

In combat, as well as life in general, good timing is essential. If the warrior acts too soon or too late he may be injured or killed. In civilian life, success is totally dependent on the timing of all energy in relationship to opportunities. A skilled fighter is one that can fill the gaps of his opponents defense with his own strikes. Those strikes are a summation of mind, body and spirit and delivered to a specific target at a specific time. This is easily demonstrated by an advance karate-ka when they slide across the floor and execute a technique. Each detail has been integrated into the process to create maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

Being on time is a universal law. By totally concentrating on one thing at a time, and putting all our resources to bear on that task, we are able to produce the most effect results with the use of minimal amounts of energy. If all things are equal, the side that is the most unified and has the best timing will win.

This concept is also true when applied to personal success training. The sub-conscious can only focus on one thing at a time, either yes or no. By concentrating on positive forward-thinking goals, negative thoughts cant penetrate your defense. The law of concentration dictates that what ever we concentrate on grows in our mind and in our experience. The modern warrior is constantly thinking strategy and tactics in all areas of his or her life. By always seeing options and focusing on positive outcomes, the modern karate-ka is being proactive by developing a winning attitude no matter what the situation. Failure is not an option.

We have all heard that we are what we eat. Well, we are what we think as well. By surrounding yourself with positive and successful people, you will begin to think like a winner. If you concentrate on good and healthy things, those things tend to be everywhere. Once you start focusing your mind on winning strategies, opportunities will present themselves more and more. Successful strategies, whether you are talking about combat or in your personal lives, are predictable. If you adopt the strategies and tactics of other successful people, the odds are that you too will be successful in what ever your endeavors may be.