Kids Karate Program Ages 5 – 11

Our Kids program focuses on building self-esteem and self confidence in children. We make it fun so students want to train! The self image, confidence, discipline and control your child develops today will influence the level of happiness and success he or she will experience as an adult. It has been proven that traditional karate develops these characteristics in children and much, much more. Our unique karate program helps children attain: Improved Grades, Respect for Others, Leadership Skills, Increased Attention Span, Better Coordination, and Lifelong Goal Setting Skills.

Traditional karate training also gives both children and teenagers something gravely needed in today’s society — the strength to say “no” to negative peer pressure, and to replace the negatives with positives in thought, word, and deed. Our karate students become leaders and not followers within their peer groups.

Family Karate Program Ages 5 and Up

The Lenexa Karate Academy has programs for men, women, kids, and teens. The family classes are designed to allow parents and children to take classes together, which helps promote convenience and quality time within families. There are very few activities and sports where a family can participate together, and we realize the importance of quality family time. This is why we offer many family classes throughout the week at the Lenexa Karate Academy — so our families have the opportunity to train, share, and exercise together.

The family classes are also a great time for the adults and older teens to come out and train as we pair them up with other adult students, giving them opportunity to workout at a more appropriate level.

The Lenexa Karate Academy is a good place to meet wholesome new friends. We are an extended family and those people who want a positive, healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families will find it at Lenexa Karate Academy.

Okinawan Jujitsu

Although our main emphasis at the Lenexa Karate Academy is in the empty-hand art of kenpo karate, you’ll find that our Okinawan Jujitsu blends very well into our empty-hand techniques. Jujitsu is continuing to grow in popularity and we believe our jujitsu system is not only fun but practical.

Our jujitsu classes for kids, adults, and families focus on joint-locks, pressure points, and traditional throws and sweeps. Kids love our jujitsu because they learn to properly fall and roll while preventing injury as well learning the different techniques. Adults enjoy the additional self defense techniques they learn from jujitsu and begin to see how it flows with our kenpo sets and techniques, making for a well rounded martial art system and very practical self-defense.


Sparring class at the Lenexa Karate Academy is a controlled, safe, and fun environment where students can put it all together against other students. Wearing approved protective gear (sold in our pro shop), students work drills and practice their stand up fighting with other students in our school, providing them with as realistic a situation as we can safely provide. We spend an equal amount of time teaching and working drills to enhance students’ timing, speed, and effectiveness as we do actual sparring. This makes the environment great for both beginners and experienced fighters. Sparring is also a great cardio workout, getting students in the best shape of their lives.

Okinawan Kobujitsu (Weapons Program)

Okinawan Kobujitsu is the style of weaponry instructed at the Lenexa Karate Academy. Taught by 9th degree black belt, Hanshi Dan Kennedy, training is focused on the following traditional weapons: Bo (staff), Tonfa, Sai, Nun-te Bo, Oar, Kama and Nunchuka. Training in the weapons greatly improves a students basics, power, and timing. Weapons training at the Lenexa Karate Academy is open to all ranks and ages. And, as in the kenpo and jujitsu program, students can also earn rank in the Okinawan Kobujitsu program.